With Internet being the second most used utility, our wired/wireless network will leave you at peace knowing that getting connected is never an issue. This system includes the installation of access points (antennas) throughout , as well as a router, and network switch which are needed to ensure a reliable connection. Placing your streaming devices games, Apple Tv's , Roku's, as well as the streaming interface from all smart tv's onto the wired network is imperative. It is often thought that if a device has wifi capabilities, that its ok to use. The fact of the matter is that high demand wifi traffic can slow your wireless network down. Same goes with large print jobs from a printer. In our experience, any game, media streaming device, and printer should be on the hard wired network leaving ample bandwidth for your handheld devices and laptops.

As a value added service, ETA will receive alerts which notify us of any outages, and available firmware updates . This insures proactive service for your home or business.