Concierge Services

During the course of most projects, Our clients are tasked with getting other technologies installed that we do not offer. Our Concierge Services has the solution to keep the installation running smooth and on time, while allowing the customer the time to focus on other things. We have built relationships with companies that provide these specialty services and we work with them on your behalf from the planning stage through completion. This ensures that the various services are put into place without duplication, you understand what you are getting and how it works, and that you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Other Technologies

Antenna Towers

Our antenna guy is the best in the business..

Solar Power

Being the cleanest power available, Solar is the optimal option for any electronic system. 

Fiber Optic Internet

Generally speaking, Fiber Optic Internet isn't readily available at most locations. What some don't know is that it is an option that can be achieved, even in the most rural areas. ETA has worked hand in hand on multiple projects to ensure our clients could get the best internet option available. We have learned the ins and outs and can get you on the track to optimal  internet.

Business Class Telephone Systems

Whether you're a business, or a residential customer that requires a solid stream for communication, a business phone system can optimize your day to day calls, messaging, as well as Intercom needs. We've got the best company by our side.

Satellite TV

Our relationship with a local DirecTV installation company ensures that we get the right equipment, at the right time. Not to mention the first class installation.

Satellite Internet

We have a forged relationship with a local Satellite Internet company . This is a valuable resource to ensure that we have internet when we need it, as well as knowing that the installation will be top notch.

Alarm Services

We work closely with the most trusted Alarm companies in East Texas.

Point to Point Internet

Point to Point internet is an option that is available in certain areas. This is a service that supplies limited internet via a line of sight antenna. Typically, an antenna tower will be required for this type of internet service. We have a working relationship with the Point to Point companies servicing the East Texas area.

Surveillance Systems

Often times, an integrated system will include cameras with recording. Due to the complexity of the integration, it is always required to have a working relationship with a surveillance system provider. We can schedule the meeting, and work on your behalf to ensure that your all areas are covered. This also ensures that the right equipment is place for the system integration.

HVAC Services

electronics closet mini split air conditioning

When there is a need for HVAC in an electronics closet , we have the experts waiting to design and install the needed equipment to ensure the longest life for your electronic system.

Cable/Phone/Internet Providers

Cable Phone Internet Installation Services

Everyone dreads the daunting task of setting up cable and internet. With all of the choices thrown at you after an hour wait on the phone, We can help by suggesting the equipment that you will need. We are well versed in the current products and services that will offered to you and can assist you with making a quick, informed decision. We'll even wait on the phone with the provider, freeing up your time and giving you peace of mind.

Electrical Services

Often, an electrical outlet or circuit is required during an electronics installation. This could be at a TV on the wall, or at an equipment rack or cabinet. We can arrange this installation and keep the project moving.